Ship’s log: Albatros (5)

The making of the hull of my Albatros is ended! (ok, ok, without the painting)

I sanded the second coat of cementite with fine sandpaper (180), trying to not bring out the wood. On a forum I read: we need to “glaze” (“glassare” is the right term in italian) the hull…  And I think that this is the perfect definition. Here you can see the side “glazed” and the side unrefined.

Albatros Mantua Model Albatros Mantua Model

I also finally received the “brunitore” (a liquid used to burnish or to polish metals) and I finished the cannons. They are so cute :) (one apart… it is clearer than the others and I don’t know why).Cannoni Albatros Mantua ModelNext week: I’m going to painting the hull!


Happy Halloween!

It is not an italian celebration, but I love pumpkin carving!!!! 😀

Happy Halloween!

Ship’s log: Albatros (4)

I worked on my Albatross this week-end with poor results. I coated the hull with Cementite, I sanded the hull, and I recoated the hull with Cementite for the second time. You have to consider that the drying time is 24 hours… I could not do more.

Next week, before the painting, I’m going to take a picture. I Swear :)

P.S. Cementite is the name of an italian product. It is not a paint and it is not a plaster… probably both and probably none of them 😀