Kung Fu Panda 3, I hoped in a sapphic kiss, instead…

Yesterday I saw Kung Fu Panda 3 and, based on some newspaper articles, I have thinked that this was a film about sex unions:

Kung Fu Panda 3 explains the stepchild adoption (link in italian)

Wired del 07/03/2016

Kung Fu Panda 3, Mario Adinolfi against the film: ‘Propaganda gender’ (link in italian)

Movieplayer del 15/03/2016

…and so on.

Instead, I saw an animation movie about the adoption, but be careful,not the modern concept of adoption (like the articles would have us believe), but the adoption that exists from thousands of years. Wait, I can draw a picture to you…

To “make” a child you need:

  1. a spermatozoon;Spermatozoo
  2. an ovum.Ovulo

This is a very simple concept: the spermatozoon fecundates the ovum, etc. etc. etc.


Now, the concept is simple, but sometimes a couple (heterosexual) can’t have a child (I wrote heterosexual because an omosexual couple can’t have child by definition. And what they can do? They can adopt a child and by this we have the adoptive parents and the biological parents. Keep in mind, with the adoption we have 2 fathers and 2 mothers in total.

Like in Kung Fu Panda 3: we have the biological parents (one mother and one father; two panda that abandon Po for circumstances beyond one’s control) and we have the adoptive parents (in this case we have the father only, a goose, because the mother never appears in the prequels)

Metaphorically speaking we have two black people (the biological parents) and two caucasian people (the adoptive parents). You don’t need a degree to understand that something was wrong.

Well, assume that someday one of the biological parents come back to find the child… this poor guy now have two fathers. But he may have two mothers too if one of them iwas not decased and the other one never appeared in the movie. So.. what the hell is the stepchild adoption??

So, assume that someday one of the biological parents comes back to find his  child… this poor guy now have two fathers. But he may also have two mothers if one of them was not deceased and the other one never appeared in the movie. So… what the hell it means stepchild adoption??WTFI can understand that speak about homosexual, today, it is so cool, but in Kung Fu Panda 3 this is not the principal theme… they speak about adoption, of course, but not about “homosexual adoption”. It is normal that if you adopt a child we have one adoptive father and one biological father… like the biological mother and the adoptive mother… This is completely different from the stepchild adoption.


Oh… anyway this movie is amazing, you have to see it 😀


Ship’s log: Albatros (5)

The making of the hull of my Albatros is ended! (ok, ok, without the painting)

I sanded the second coat of cementite with fine sandpaper (180), trying to not bring out the wood. On a forum I read: we need to “glaze” (“glassare” is the right term in italian) the hull…  And I think that this is the perfect definition. Here you can see the side “glazed” and the side unrefined.

Albatros Mantua Model Albatros Mantua Model

I also finally received the “brunitore” (a liquid used to burnish or to polish metals) and I finished the cannons. They are so cute 🙂 (one apart… it is clearer than the others and I don’t know why).Cannoni Albatros Mantua ModelNext week: I’m going to painting the hull!


Happy Halloween!

It is not an italian celebration, but I love pumpkin carving!!!! 😀

Happy Halloween!

Ship’s log: Albatros (4)

I worked on my Albatross this week-end with poor results. I coated the hull with Cementite, I sanded the hull, and I recoated the hull with Cementite for the second time. You have to consider that the drying time is 24 hours… I could not do more.

Next week, before the painting, I’m going to take a picture. I Swear 🙂

P.S. Cementite is the name of an italian product. It is not a paint and it is not a plaster… probably both and probably none of them 😀